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Select the number of boats in the fleet race. If teams are not the same size a small hanicap is applied to the shorthanded team's score (3 points in a 2 vs 3, and 4 points in a 3 vs 4). Ties are broken in favour of the team that does not have first place, that is, the team with first place loses if the teams are tied on points. That is simulated in the calculator by awarding 1.1 points to first place. This is the same algoithm used by VSK3.

When the information has been entered hit the Submit button. A new page should be displayed showing all possible finishing combinations, the score for each combination, and whether or not it is a winning combination.

Number of boats (total)
Points for first
Points for second
Points for third
Points for fourth
Points for fifth
Points for sixth
Points for seventh
Points for eigth