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Postby CAN Knot » 25 May 2006 05:57

Here are the instructions for connecting to the ITBYC TeamSpeak server for the first time.

Download Teamspeak
If you haven't already done so download the TeamSpeak client from Once you have the TeamSpeak client installed perform the following steps:

Configuring TeamSpeack
If you've already set up your buttons you can skip this part.

1. Open the Settings menu and select "Sound Input/Output Settings".
2. Select "Push to talk". This is very important, no one wants to hear you breathings, or slurping your beer, or your kids yelling in the background. Click the Set button and press a key ( this is, of course, the key you will push to talk...). You can use any key not already in use. We recommend you use F12 as that key is not used by VSK3 by default.
3. Click the "Activate local test mode" button, press F12 (or whatever key you used above) and speak. Make sure you can hear yourself. If you can't hear yourself your microphone is not connected properly, or you have it muted someplace. (That's a topic for a whole new document... you are on your own for now...)
4. Once your microphone is working click the "Deactivate local test mode" and click the Close button.

Configuring a button to talk to your teammates
Occasionally the red and blue teams split into separate channels, in which case you will need a separate button to talk to the other team.We recommend F11, but you can use any key.

1. Open the Settings menu again and select "Key Settings".
2. Click the Add button.
3. Click the leftmost "Set" button and press the F11 key. You can use the other Set buttons to add modifier keys if you wish, i.e. Alt-F12 etc.
4. For the Action select: Whisper to -> Channel pre-defs -> Channel family, and click the ok button, and then the close button.

You will use the F12 button most of the time to speak to the other people on your channel. However, when the teams use their own team channels you will use F12 to speak to your teammate(s) and F11 to speak to the entire fleet.

Connecting to the ITBYC server for the first time
Open the Connection menu, select "Connect" and enter the following information:
- Label: anything you want. This will appear under the server list on the left later.
- Server address: (the 8817 is important or you will end up on someone else's TS server...)
- Nickname: your nickname
- Select the Anonymous option
- Server password: sailing
- Click connect.

You should now be connected to the ITBYC server. Say "Hi" and introduce yourself.

Edit: Updated the server password
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Postby Witch_Doctor » 26 Jun 2006 01:46

Hi guys. I was just wondering if it's possible for VSK-USA to use your TS server as well. I don't know what the limitations are on that or anything. I just know that my hosting company won't let me run it yet.

Thanks for considering it.

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Postby CAN Knot » 12 Jul 2006 15:01

I already replied to WD via a PM, but in case others have the same question.

We do not mind other groups/people using out TS server, with the following caveats:

1. Everyone is expected to behave themselves and act politely. No name calling etc.
2. Please use the Guest channels that we have set up for this purpose.
3. It is a 64 person server and space should never be a problem, but guests may be asked to leave if space is needed for an event.
4. The TeamSpeak server is paid for by the members of VSK-USA, VSK-AUS, and the ITBYC. Members of those clubs are welcome anytime regardless of what else may be going on.

Edit: The teamspeak server has been expanded to 64 slots so space should never be a concern.
Edit: Updated club sponsors
In theory there is no difference between theory and practice, but in practice there is.
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